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Why Choose

Twenty years ago, reinvented the security system. And they’ve been innovating ever since. Today, their services protect millions of home and business owners.’s industry-leading security and automation services are only available through licensed security experts, who deliver professional design, installation, and 24/7 monitoring.

  • ALWAYS RELIABLE: Rely on your service provider for a system that works flawlessly.
  • ALWAYS IMPROVING: Get innovative new features delivered automatically, for free.
  • ALWAYS PRIVATE: We respect your privacy, and we don’t sell your activity data.
  • INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY that have been engineered to keep your home, family and business safe.
  • START SMALL OR START WITH IT ALL: Equip your whole property with protective, proactive technology in one go, or start small and add more when you’re ready. is flexible, adaptable and built for your future.
  • FOR HOME: Safeguard your peace of mind with a professionally monitored system that responds automatically to danger and unusual activity.
  • FOR SMALL-MEDIUM BUSINESS (SMB): Experience better security with fewer frustrations. Our ever expanding set of business security solutions means you’ll always have access to cost-effective, cutting edge technology.
  • FOR LARGE BUSINESS: We have Commercial-Grade Solutions with a unified, cloud-managed platform that is built to increase operational efficiency, reduce administrative overhead and ensure professional protection across one, or multiple locations.


Rockstar Home Systems

After much research, vetting and troubleshooting of similar systems, we at RockStar Home Systems chose to become authorized dealers and installers of because of the reliability of their systems, the choice to self-monitor or professional 24/7 monitoring by authorized monitoring stations, and the user-friendliness of their systems for our customers.

Their monitoring is always-on, alerts you with email, cell, text notifications for any alarms or unusual activity, including carbon monoxide or smoke detector activity, doors left open and any other concerns regarding your home or business. By the time most security systems alert you to a problem, it’s too late. helps you spot unusual activity early and take action. Armed or disarmed, your system is on guard.

In emergencies, your monitoring service alerts your local police, fire or EMS. Your system connects everything in your home to keep you safe and secure, 24/7. Our cellular connection can’t be cut like a broadband cable, and our Crash & Smash technology can’t be defeated with a hammer.

  • Video Monitoring: See everything that matters, from every angle. Whether you’re out grabbing groceries or in your home office, you’ll always have eyes on important activity. Video Analytics can turn on outdoor or indoor lights when intruders big or small come too close to your property.
  • Security Automation: Put your home to work with automatic locks, lights, temperature controls and more ways to take care of the everyday tasks on your to-do list. Can be programmed so when you are approaching your home, lights turn on, temperatures are adjusted, security system deactivated and garage door opens (based on locations of your phone app).
  • Customized Systems: Choose an expertly installed system, customized to your unique needs. Start small and build your system over time, or start with it all on day one.
  • App: Their app gives you a smarter alternative: an intuitive, all-in-one system that’s always working to keep you safe and well. The more you add, the more you can do—yet it’s always simple to use and control including Home security, video monitoring, locks and garages, temperature control, lights and shades, fire and CO2 safety, and water protection.
  • Two Way Voice Technology: For outside the home, get an alert when a visitor approaches, open the app and talk to them. For inside the home, check in with your family when you can’t be there.
  • Family Wellness Solutions: Is Mom up and about? Did Dad leave the house today?’s innovative Wellness solutions give you an easy way to know. Wellness uses a system of non-intrusive sensors throughout the home to alert you when meaningful activity does, or doesn’t, happen.
  • Forget Something? It easy to forget and make security mistakes. If your home isn’t locked after you left or at night, or you left the garage open again, sends you a reminder. Tap it once to fix the situation from wherever you are.
Security Camera Installation Lexington KY
Security System Installation Company Lexington
Security System Installation Lexington

Protect your loved ones' independence with proactive Wellness technology for their home.

Home Security Systems Lexington KY
Security Camera Installation Lexington KY
Security System Installation Company Lexington


Why Choose for Business?

All in one: Simplify your security system with a single app and web dashboard to see everything at once.

Expandable: As your business grows and your security needs change, grows with you.

Hassle-free: Enjoy professional installation with no software to manage. Your system will update itself automatically so you’ll always have the latest features.

  • Intrusion Detection:’s intrusion detection technology enhances commercial property protection and eliminates common security system frustrations. Significantly reduce false alarms, retire old legacy panels and never worry if your system has been left unarmed again.
  • Motion Detection: Perimeter detection analytics accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property while ignoring unimportant motion like rain or shadows. Receive real time alerts of trespassers or unexpected guests in prohibited areas or after hours.
  • Two-Way Audio on Cameras:’s cloud-managed video surveillance combines cloud storage, 24/7 health monitoring, and intelligent analytics to ensure footage is available when you need it most and can be easily found and shared.
  • Keypads & Pin Access to Track Employee Activity: Real-time alerts and custom activity reports provide a new level of remote awareness to help business owners stay on top of operations and make informed business decisions. Add or remove access users and cards in seconds from either the mobile app or website.
  • Track Customer Flow: Business Activity Analytics is a better way to manage your business and protect your customers using your security cameras. Uncover actionable business insights that help manage customer flow, make informed decisions and optimize operations.
  • Operational Reports: Be the first to know if a business location is opening late or closing early and who was responsible. Get business activity reports that provide actionable intelligence on peak traffic times, alarms & system issues and property activity. Make it easy to perform accurate investigations and audits with video clips and user code logs for up to a year.
  • Multiple Location Access in Single View: lets you organize them into a top-down hierarchy of groups. Global management of user codes, access permissions, and system settings quickly saves time and increases consistency.
  • Forget Something? With, it’s easy to fix them too. If your business isn’t locked after closing time, or you left the loading dock open again, sends you a reminder. Tap it once to fix the situation from wherever you are.

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We Get It Right The First Time

We ensure that our equipment is high quality, our design is well planned and our installation completed with skill and attention to detail, for hassle-free service.

Quality Products That Are Well Tested

We only recommend products, equipment, software and apps that we have thoroughly vetted, tested and are Rockstar approved.

Years Of Experience At Your Service

We have a long history with all local cable, internet and satellite providers, as subcontractors, so we understand their systems and can handle any issue without involving them.

Security System Installation Lexington

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